ABU Post UTME Screening Form 2022 & How to Apply

ABU Post UTME Screening Form 2022/2023, related questions and steps to apply and succeed in Ahmadu Bello University screening exercise are the things you would learn on this page.

I expect that after you might have thoroughly read this article, applying for ABU Post UTME screening 2022 shouldn’t be a challenge.

Not just that but also, vital questions as regards the application form and the entire screening process of Ahmadu Bello University.

And lastly, you would be able to clearly purchase the application form, know the technicalities of acing well in the screening.

I’m sure you’d love to learn all of this within the next few minutes. Don’t worry, I have summarized the ensure process.

So let’s start by getting to know what exact post UTME screening form of this institution is about?

Essence of ABU Post UTME Screening Form 2022?

Gaining admission into Higher Institution in the Nigerian system of education requires going through certain process.

One of these processes is JAMB and you might wonder why one still has to undergo further screening process (what is being referred to as Post UTME).

Initially, the Post UTME was an examination but now it is just a screening process.

The main essence of this is to enable to the institution further verify that you are qualified and have the requirements of studying in a Higher Institution.

And this is the very point where most candidates fail, atimes not because they don’t have the requirements of other facts which will be discussed later.

I’m sure now you have taken note that the essence of ABU Post UTME screening Form 2022 and that of other years is to ascertain the eligibility of candidates.

Let’s move to the next part of the article which is giving relevant answers to queries pertaining to this subject matter.

Is ABU Post UTME Form 2022 Out?

It is really good to stay alert with the starting and ending date of this registration to enable you to plan or prepare better financially and otherwise.

At the time of this publication, there was no official statement from the institution that ABU UTME screening form 2022 is out.

But it is recommended you visit this page regularly in other to get the update once there is any.

Can I Apply for ABU Post UTME Screening 2022 with Low JAMB Score?

This very question is a result of students who had selected the institution as their first choice and yet happen to have a low JAMB score.

Does the question now emerge if they would be considered for admission? But have you wondered how low could your score be to disqualify you?

Well, the fact remains that each institution has a cutoff mark generally and also departmental depending of the population of the applicants.

For ABU, the only time you could count yourself disqualify and probably find alternative is when you score below 160.

But as long as you have above this irrespective of your intending department, go ahead to process the screening form.

How to Apply for Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME Screening Form

There is actually no long protocol involved, what you just need to do is visit the application portal at https://abudlc.edu.ng/ and then follow the steps below.

  • First, read the instructions on the page carefully to maximum comprehension
  • Begin the application process by hitting the start button
  • Input the required information correctly and then upload the needed documents
  • Confirm your form by scrolling through the information you filled and uploaded
  • Then if satisfied go ahead and submit

General Observation to Ensure Success in Screening Exercise

  • Ensure you have your registration acknowledgment page printed on time and make extra copies
  • Take note of your date, time & venue and also endeavor to visit there before the real day
  • Package all your needed documents for screening into one folder and then
  • Arrive there on time

There are just general observations that many overlook or regard as simple but it has really been the downfall of many.

This is where we would end for now and I hope through this article you’re most enlightened about the ABU Post UTME screening form and how to apply for the year 2022.

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