CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Admission List 2022/2023 is Out – Check Here

CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Admission list 2022/2023 is out. Check College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina successful candidates intake for ND/HND Nursing programme here.

Are you a prospective student of College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina who had successfully processed the admission form?

If yes, then be alert that the CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing admission list for the academic session 2022 has been released.

The admission list contains names of successful candidates who passed the screening test and have been offered provisional admission.

Therefore, if you wish to download the pdf of CONAMKAT admission list 2022/2023, kindly follow the steps available here.

Is CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Admission List Out?

Recently, due to the just concluded screening, candidates who process admission in College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina have been searching if the list is out.

Both those for basic and ND/HND nursing programme has been searching and we have entertained questions such as:

  • When will CONAMKAT admission list be released?
  • How will I know that CONAMKAT admission list is out?
  • Is CONAMKAT admission list pdf?
  • What is CONAMKAT admission list checking portal?
  • How to check if my name is among CONAMKAT successful candidates?

Note: College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina (CONAMKAT) ND/HND Nursing admission list 2022 is officially out and you can download it online.

Requirements for Checking CONAMKAT Admission List

Now you know the list is officially out, here are the requirements or factors that will help you access the list or check your name.

First is that you must have purchased the admission form, fill, upload necessary documents and successfully submitted the form.

Also, you should had participated in the online screening exercise. To check the admission list you simple need the steps below.

How to Check CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Admission List

There are several ways or methods to access CONAMKAT ND/HND nursing admission list but the one below is the easiest and fastest.

  • Go to the admission checking portal
  • Select admission portal from the menu bar
  • Then on the left side of your screening, click ND/HND nursing
  • Once the page opens, carefully scroll down to check your name.

List of CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Admitted Students

1 10264360FF Usman Hafsat F Kaduna
2 10538019IG Ya’U Khadija Idris F Kano
3 10117399HD Rabiu Fatima Bala F Kano
4 10044067HD Jibrin Bilyaminu M Katsina
5 10422366HG Sani Safiya F Katsina
6 10767177FB Abubakar Isah M Katsina
7 10644987FI Badamasi Sadiq M Katsina
8 10198767CB Sani Abdurrahman M Katsina
9 11010204CC Sani Ummalkhairi Tsanni F Katsina
10 10124863II Yusuf Habiba Sada F Katsina
11 10630288CA Babangida Aisha Wagini F Katsina
12 11215138AG Yusuf Maryam F Katsina
13 10505834CJ Hussaini Hamida Fari F Katsina
14 11060224CB Ibrahim Khalid M Katsina
15 10700875BA Aliyu Abdurrahman Doro M Katsina
16 10660541FD Mamman Ashiru M Katsina
17 10439098CJ Lawal Maryam F Katsina
18 10234980CC Mannir Hauwau F Katsina
19 10005517AC Yusuf Bakir M Katsina
20 11015806JE Adam Hauwau Ladan F Katsina
21 10366459IE Hamisu Bashir M Katsina
22 11220282JE Nasir Hafsat Dabai F Katsina
23 10312665FI Sulaiman Yusuf M Katsina
24 10564639FH Yusuf Ummah F Katsina
25 10481386EB Zubairu Abdulrahman M Katsina
26 10230421CC Hamisu Anas M Katsina
27 11184844JG Hassan Hassana Usman F Katsina
28 10039350GC Abdulrauf Kauthar F Katsina
29 10533793FH Bashar Ibrahim M Katsina
30 10834402DJ Hafiz Aisha F Katsina
31 10654224IJ Ahmad Hussaina Yamel F Katsina
32 10930518HC Umar Muhammad Danlami* M Katsina
33 11078813CJ Aliyu Ruqayya F Katsina
34 11072056CH Sani Amina F Katsina
35 10106653BA Sani Maryam Sulaiman F Katsina
36 10155489GJ Yusuf Fatima F Katsina
37 10667783FF Abubakar Nabila Ashafa F Katsina
38 10003692EF Aminu Zainab F Katsina
39 10489376DA Bello Yusra F Katsina
40 11268030CC Kabir Fadila Shehu F Katsina
41 10421466GA Said Maryam F Katsina
42 10298855GJ Umar Zainab Imam F Katsina
43 10392769BF Bashir Aisha Dambo F Katsina
44 11042776IC Yahuza Fatima Ingawa F Katsina
45 10660713CC Abdulkarim Yusra Bugaje F Katsina
46 10118301ID Lawal Fatimah F Katsina
47 10243458AC Iliya Adamu M Katsina
48 11260988AC Salisu Ni’Imatu Masari F Katsina
49 10648778DE Saminu Ibrahim M Katsina
50 10187014GJ Abdulkadir Hafsat Kaita F Katsina
51 10582835IA Abdulrahman Aminatu F Katsina
52 10826506FJ Bello Aisha Yandaki F Katsina
53 10821021CE Abubakar Amina Wada F Katsina
54 10691403AF Auwal Muhammad M Katsina
55 10376601BJ Shehu Aisha F Katsina
56 10914833IC Ibrahim Umar M Katsina
57 10853628HG Ishaya Iliya M Katsina
58 10312375FF Abdullahi Fatima F Katsina
59 10056548HC Abdullahi Muhammad Idris M Katsina
60 10859813EI Alhassan Fatima F Katsina

Download full list here

CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Online Registration

Once you see your name among the shortlisted or admitted students, it is not finished then, the next step is the online registration.

All candidates admitted for ND/HND Nursing programme in College of Nursing and Midwifery Katsina are to commence online registration on or before Tuesday 30th November, 2021.

Click on this link to get full details on the registration guidelines.

If you need more information regarding CONAMKAT ND/HND Nursing Admission list 2022/2023 or the online registration process let’s know in the comment section.

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