How to Submit PYES Application Form – I Cannot Submit PYES Form Online?

How to Submit PYES Application Form – I Cannot Submit PYES Form Online?

I Cannot Submit PYES Registration Form Online?

How to submit PYES application form, I cannot submit PYES form online, Why is PYES submission requesting for username and password?

If you wish to know how to generate PYES Username and Password for PYES registration submission then kindly follow the guidelines on this page.

These questions emerged as a result of candidates inability to submit PYES form on the registration portal.

You will learn how to submit PYES application form 2022 here. I cannot submit PYES registration form online via

Are you facing difficult to submit PYES application form? Or are you among those asking “how do I submit PYES form online?

This seems quite challenging as most candidates cannot submit the P-YES application form after supplying the required information.

On this page we will make justice to that by showing you easy steps or alternative method on how you can submit your application for PYES empowerment.

Why is PYES Submission Requesting Sign in – Username and Password?

Have you tried submitting application for PYES empowerment programme? Was there a pop-up box requesting you type in username and password?

I guess you are surprise seeing that and have probably been asking how to submit P-YES application form before deadline.

Or maybe before some many people gets aware and then the portal crashes? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

The steps available on this page would show you how to successfully submit PYES application form 2022.

Let’s examine another challenge people are trying to submit PYES form are facing.

I Cannot Submit PYES Form Online – Why?

There is much confusion when candidates are requested to provide a username and password via the PYES registration portal.

I know you were not expecting that, you thought the form should just proceed to submit once you have completed the required information but unfortunately it is not so.

The major cause of this is because before this PYES registration portal, the previous portal had option for creating of account.

But this new portal does not have and yet it required sign in before submission, that’s quite contradictory.

This is actually believed to be a mistake as the federal government are working on correcting the error or probably let candidates know best alternative.

But for now, follow the steps below on how to submit P-YES Application Form.

How to Submit PYES Application Form

  • After filing out the online application form at
  • In the dialogue box that appears input any chosen username
  • Supply a memorable password and then click sign in

That is just how to submit PYES application form online but if after taking these steps you still cannot submit P-YES online form let us know  in the comment section.


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