JAMB Registration Date 2023 – When is JAMB Form Starting and Ending?

Are you searching to know about JAMB Registration Date 2023, when it is starting and ending if yes then read this article to know more about JAMB application form 2022.

There have been a lot of questions and queries from students about the jamb 2022/2023. And the big question is “Has jamb literally commenced the sales of Utme form for 2022? And when is jamb For 2023 Starting?

JAMB Registration Date 2023

Well, the answer to that question is yes, the Jamb form for the year 2022/2023 has been released. And if you are a student who is looking forward to obtaining the jamb 2023 form then this article is for you and we will strongly recommend you to read this article to the very end for you to get the best results for yourself and also we will guide you through step by step on how you can pass your jamb with ease. So if that interests you then it’s important you read carefully and carefully for you to get much more value and succeed in your upcoming exams.

When is JAMB Form 2023 Starting?

The jamb form 2023 will start and will be released on the 8th of April 2022. And the jamb officials scheduled the jamb exam to commence or to be held between the month of June 5 and June 19 in the year 2023 and this was said by the agency.

But before you should or will obtain the jamb 2023 form it’s important for you to know the price of the form and that is what we will discuss below for you to get the best insight about the price of the jamb form.

JAMB Form Registration Period and Cost

Although this year jamb registration was being delayed because of some reason and one of the reasons is because a lot of Universities, polytechnics and colleges in Nigeria are yet to upload all the admission lists. But nevertheless the jamb officials will commence soon.

Check the table below for the cost of JAMB form 2023

In total for the registration of jamb form cost #4,700 but due to some other charges you might encounter we think you should budget #5000 in total.

Jamb registration fee →#3,500

The Reading Text →#500

The Service Charges for The jamb Registration → #700

Is NIN Necessary for JAMB 2023 Registration?

Well back in the days anyone could obtain a jamb without much requirements but things have changed and the jamb matriculation board officials have made an announcement that any candidates who does not have their National identification number will not be allowed to obtain the upcoming jamb form.

So in essence, for you to be able to participate in the jamb 2023 and obtain the jamb form then is very important for you to have the national identification number (NIN) because it is compulsory and necessary.

We have seen some students finding it hard to obtain their NIN number. Well, it’s quite easy. All you need to do is to walk into any center that could get your NIN number around you and get yourself registered for the NIN and also you need no money for this process because it’s all free.

How to Register for JAMB 2023 Examination

As a student before you can proceed with your jamb registration 2023 there some few documents you will need and they are Include ;

What Are The Requirements Needed For You To Register For Jamb 2023?

Phone number and email address

Creating Your Jamb Profile

The Jamb epin registration payments.

Thirdly you need to visit any accredited Centers (CBT) with your payment proof and also with your personal details.

Jamb Registration Date 2023 – Steps to Register JAMB 2023

Phone number and Email address

It is certainly sure that you will definitely have a phone number but it you don’t have one it’s very easy to get you can easily go to any center that they sell sim cards and you can easily get one it cost within the range of #200 to #500 depending on the sim card you want and also if you don’t have an email it’s very important you create one.

For you to create one you can easily go to Google and type the keyword “Email sign up” creating an email address usually take just few minutes and you will also have to confirm your email address on the Gmail app after all this process you should be able to have a valid phone number and also an email address.

Profile Registration

Before you can start creating your profile registration there are things you need to take note of and we have seen a lot of students making this mistake and which is why you need to rest carefully. You have to make sure that you use just a single phone number to create your profile and it has to be yours.

Now for you to create your profile you need to send your First name, middle name through text and send it to 55019 and it all has to be within 35 characters + 2 spaces between each name. For an example (Fawole Ezekiel Oluwafemi)

After all these steps you will be sent your profile code on the phone number you use to register.

Correction Of Mistake On Profile Code

If eventually, you made any mistake when registering for the profile code you can simply send this format [CORRECT surname, your first name and middle name] to the code 55019 through text message with the same phone number. And if also you might have misplaced or forgotten your profile code all you can do is to retrieve it by sending  RESEND] to the code 55019 through text message.

Register Your Jamb

After you have generated your jamb profile code then you can pay for your jamb form at the bank then you go to the cafe and complete your registration.

How To Pass Jamb / Utme 2023 ? (Score 200 +)

Read on Your SSCE Textbooks instead of Past Questions

The jamb officials always set their questions based on your SSCE but a lot of students focus on the past questions only, you can only get insights on how they will set their questions and not the real questions.  Well we are not saying past questions are not valuable but since all your questions will be derived out of what you have been taught in your SSCE then it’s advisable for you to study more on your textbooks.

The Novel

You should always read the novel that will be given to you when you are about to write your jamb because there are usually about 10 – 15 questions that will be derived from the novel and when you have practiced well you will be able to answer them conveniently.

Jamb Coaching

Jamb Coaching is very important and it helps students as it will refresh their memory and also prepare them ahead. If you are to start coaching for your jamb 2023 its better you join earlier because you will be able to learn the basics.

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