JAMB Registration Form 2022 Application Portal and How to Register

Do you wish to know or get updated information about JAMB Registration Form 2022 Date and Requirements before time, if yes then get the information here on this page as you read through.

Candidates are nervous and anxious about the jamb 2022 registration form date and the requirements needed. If you are a student looking forward to obtaining the jamb from 2022 then there are things you need to know about the jamb 2022. In today’s article, you will be able to know the requirements needed before you can create the jamb 2022, and also we will enlighten you step by step on how to create the jamb 2022. And also we will guide you through step by step on how you can also pass your jamb in 2022 so make sure you read this article to the very end for you to get the best results for yourself.

Has Jamb Commence Sales of Jamb Registration Form 2022?

As for now Jamb has not yet released the jamb form 2022 but according to the jamb officials it was stated that the exact date of jamb 2022 registration will begin on the 8th of April in the year 2022. Another recent announcement that was made was that the exam will definitely commence on both June 5 and June 19 in 2022.

Now that you already know when the jamb registration form will be out for sale right now let’s take a glimpse and know the requirements that are to be needed for you to create the jam 2022.

Requirements Needed For Jamb Registration Form 2022?

Before you can register for the Utme 2022 there are some requirements that are to be needed which includes;

  1. Email address and also phone number: Email address is very important and useful for a student who is about to register for the jamb 2022. But before you could have a valid email address then you need to have a phone number. If you have a phone number you can simply go to Google and type in the keyword > Sign Up email address < and get yourself registered and later after creation they will usually send you a confirmation page.
  2. Jamb Profile : When you already have a valid phone number you can easily create your jamb profile
  3. The Jamb epin registration payments.
  4. Payment Proof for registration

How to Create a Profile on Jamb Portal 2022

The current updated way to literally create a jamb profile is through the sms.

To create your jamb profile type “NIN” and also with your 11 digits NIN and it has to be sent to 55019 through SMS. And here’s format for it >>> e.g NIN 00123466787

Note: It has to be your NIN.

The super sure easiest way to create a Jamb profile is through the sms method and also it is the recommended way to create a jamb profile.

In short, to create a jamb profile 2022 simply text NIN alongside your NIN to the code 55019.

After this simple process a confirmation code will eventually be sent to you and most of the time the confirmation code is always 10 characters and it will be received by the candidate on the number they used to send the message.

Note: When you want to send the sms you have to make sure the nin has to be capitalized in this format >>>NIN<<<and also make sure that you have sufficient credit on your airtime. At least it should be above #100 and you have to confirm that your sim card can send and also receive text messages..

Why Does My Jamb Profile 2022 Writes Invalid Parameters?

If you only just text the NIN number only to the code 55019 it will not process and it will tell you that “ Invalid Parameters ” and this is where most candidates makes the error.. To bypass this error just type it in this format (NIN 00193486787 ) and send it to 55019 through message.  And it has to be your own NIN.

Steps for Creating 2022 JAMB Profile

You can also create your jamb 2022 profile on jamb website. To create your jamb profile 2022 on jamb website;

  • Visit the jamb website
  • Click on the e-facility account
  • Click on the create account button.
  • Then the next step is to sign up by entering your valid email
  • You will be asked to select your security question and you can then answer it.
  • Then you can verify your account and confirm your jamb profile confirmation email..

After all these steps simply login into your email and copy the confirmation code that was being sent to you on your email. And also you will also be sent a login link jamb sent to you and continue your registration. The link will say >>> Confirmation email<<

  • Lastly, fill in all the necessary information or details needed.

After the account has been created you can simply login into your jamb website and view your jamb profile.

How to Pass Jamb / Utme 2022 by Scoring 200+

If you are a jamb candidate there are things you need to know for you to succeed in your exams. And this simple trick has been so helpful to a lot of students. So we will strongly recommend you to pay close attention to all these simple steps so that it can help you as well..

Here Is How to Pass Jamb /Utme 2022

Focus On Your Text Book Instead Of Past Questions

Naturally, a lot of students believe that past questions alone could make them pass their jamb. But this mentality is totally wrong because jamb can never set your past questions as your main exam.. The jamb officials stated that they all derive all their questions from the SSCE textbooks. What does this tell you? It means you need to focus more on your secondary school textbooks and study hard on them rather than the jamb questions. You may only use your past questions for insight and know the topic you need to focus on the more.

Read Your Novel

Usually each year the jamb officials give students a novel they should study. And most times there are always questions from the novel that you will need to answer in your English. So this means that you need to read it well and understand it.

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