Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates 2022/2023 is Out – Download Pdf Here

Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates

Kogi STETSCOM Shortlist Pdf

Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates 2022/2023 is out. Check the list of successful candidates for Kogi State Teachers recruitment here.

On this page, we have made it easy for you to gain access to Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates for the just concluded recruitment process.

The quest for the recently disclosed list of Kogi STETSCOM selected applicants comes to an end on this website, as we have the list available.
You must carefully follow the easy steps we provide given to download the Kogi STETSCOM shortlisted names.
The main goal of this post is to assist prospective employees of the Kogi State Ministry of Education in gaining access to the STETSCOM recruitment shortlisted candidates for the year 2022.

If you applied for the STETSCOM recruitment in 2022, you should be aware that the list of successful applicants has been published.

Don’t worry about how to get the list because the instructions are right here on this page.

Is Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates Out?

Are you asking the question if actually the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission recruitment shortlisted candidates 2022 is out?

You are not the only on this table, because we have been receiving several questions from other candidates concerning the shortlist.

Some of the frequently asked questions include:

  • When will Kogi STETSCOM shortlist be out?
  • Has Kogi State teachers recruitment shortlisted names been release?
  • How can I check my name in Kogi STETSCOM?
  • Website for checking Kogi STETSCOM shortlisted names
  • Is Kogi STETSCOM shortlist pdf?

There are the most asked questions all seeking to have firsthand information about the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission list of successful candidates.

Note: Currently, the 2022 Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates is not yet out but see below the steps on how to check your name once it is out.

Criteria for Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates

Have you ever wondered why, out of a thousand persons who apply for a job, only one hundred or two are chosen?

What do you think the root of the problem is? The following are the selection criteria for successful candidates in the Kogi STETSCOM recruitment.

In general, you should keep towards mind that applying for the job is the first and most important step in being one of Kogi STETSCOM’s shortlisted candidates.

Is it, however, limited to the application stage? No, while applying is necessary, achieving the standards outlined below is what ensures success in this recruitment.

  • A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), a Bachelor of Arts (B.A), or a Higher National Diploma are required as educational qualifications or certifications (HND).
  • Don’t be concerned if you lack any of the academic qualifications listed. You can still apply for the Kogi STETSCOM recruitment.
  • Professional certification; because this is a teaching profession, applicants who are TRCN registered members have an advantage.
  • Age of the applicant; Individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible to apply for the Kogi State Teaching Service Commission recruitment.
  • Means or Proof of Identity; you should have a valid means of defending your identity as a state and country citizen.
  • Documents for scanning will be uploaded, including a recent passport photograph, academic qualifications, professional certification and certificate of origin, and a birth certificate or affidavit.

You should note that you do not need 100% of the above requirements to be shortlisted rather at least above 60% is more assuring.

How to Check Kogi STETSCOM Shortlisted Candidates

Now comes the most essential part: downloading the shortlist and checking to see if your name is on it.

The stages are the same whether you’re doing a personal check or a check for someone else, as long as you have the person’s full name or application number.

To download and check the shortlisted applicants for Kogi state teacher, do the following.

  • Open the recruitment portal
  • Scroll down the page and select shortlisted candidates
  • Click the download button
  • Open the file from your download folder
  • Then use either your name or application number to search

If your name is among the shortlisted persons then you should find it after following the above steps. Congrats to all shortlisted names.

Kogi STETSCOM Screening/Interview Date

A Computer Based Test (CBT) is administered to the shortlisted candidates as the first step in the screening process, followed by an interview.

The interview is mostly for the purpose of verifying previously stated credentials. The precise date for Kogi STETSCOM screening 2022 is yet to be announced.

Once the screening and interview dates are set, this page will be updated. You can sign up for our notification bell to make sure you don’t miss any essential information.


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