NADMO Salary Structure – NADMO Workers Salary 2022

NADMO Salary Structure

Do wish to know about NADMO Salary Structure or how much is NADMO Workers salary? National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) salary details is available on this page.

Have you ever harbored the thought about NADMO Salary structure? NADMO Workers Salary? How much newly employed persons are paid?

If yes but maybe you’ve not arrived at a concrete conclusion then read through this article to get full information about NADMO workers salary.

Brief Overview of National Disaster Management Organization

In the 1980’s, it was observed that the number of disasters and their impacts were increasing worldwide. This situation alarmed the United Nation Organisation which held various conferences on the issue, leading to the UN declaration of GAD 44/236 of 1989 declaring the 1990’s as the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR).

FAQs about NADMO Pay

  • How much do NADMO coordinator earn?
  • What is the salary of NADMO new recruit?
  • What is the highest salary a worker in National Disaster Management Organization can earn?

NADMO Salary Structure

There are so many persons in Ghana and beyond having interest in National Disaster Management Organization’s workers salary.

Out of curiosity so many of them has gone online trying to research the exact amount persons working in National Disaster Management Organization do earn.

Some persons do this calculation annually (i.e. yearly) but on this page we would give you a range of how much is the monthly salary.

Although National Disaster Management Organization has not disclosed specifically how much each position in the organization is worth but a range or clue is been given.

What is NADMO Salary Structure 2022?

As earlier stated NADMO has not provided a public available document on how much each worker earn but rather given an estimation.

The reason for non-disclosure of her workers salary is mainly for security purpose but just note that the pay is NADMO is quite okay.

Note: National Disaster Management Organization – NADMO salary structure or workers salary ranges from Ghs 600.00 to Ghs 3000.00.

If you still have any question regarding National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) salary structure, kindly indicate in the comment section below.


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