NIRSAL MFB Loan Form 2022/2023 Application Portal Covid-19 application form: if you want to access NIRSAL MFB loan form 2022 follow the guidelines on this page. The requirements and other important information you need to note concerning NIRSAL loan.

NIRSAL MFB Covid-19 loan is for both household and small business (SME) enterprise that were affected by the pandemic, the application form is available online accessible to all Nigerian citizen.

The loan is a way the federal government seeks to uplift or assist families affected by the covid-19 lack down regain financial stability, so if truly you were affected just follow the steps by step guide on this page to apply.

NIRSAL Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

The emergence of popularity NIRSAL microfinance bank began during the COVID-19 pandemic as the federal government of Nigeria decided to use them as a medium to disburse loan to affected families and businesses.

Due to its upright and authenticity with the duty saddled on them in ensure the loan gets to those at the grassroots, many people have then indicated interest in what NIRSAL offer and this has brought about questions such as:

  • NIRSAL Portal Login
  • NIRSAL Loan Application Portal
  • Is NIRSAL loan portal 2022 open?
  • NIRSAL Microfinance Bank Loan Application
  • application form
  • NIRSAL Non-interest loan
  • How to Check NIRSAL Loan with BVN
  • NMFB Household Loan Application Form
  • NIRSAL Loan Checking

In this article, most accurate answers for these questions are answered alongside possible guidelines to taking actions where necessary.

Is NIRSAL Loan Application Form Portal Open? is the application portal where you can access the NIRSAL covid-19 loan for both household and SME and it is currently open and active for submission of application.

So if you wish to apply for NIRSAL loan then head straight up to but I recommend you read through this article first to get acquainted with the necessary information you need to ensure successful submitting of application.

NIRSAL Portal Login

Do you wish to login to NIRSAL portal to check the status of your loan application for either SME or household? If yes then you have to take the few steps.

  • Visit
  • Once the application open select the type of loan you applied for Covid-19 or NYIF
  • Click the login button and input your login data
  • You will then be redirected to your NIRSAL dashboard Application Form 2022 is the official website of NIRSAL microfinance bank but if you want to access their direct loan application portal then select any of the options below.

Each of the link will take you directly to the application form on NIRSAL portal, endeavor to clearly read through the information on the application portal before you begin to process the form.

This is to help you ascertain that you’re qualified for the loan and will not have any difficulty process it.

NIRSAL Non-interest Loan

NIRSAL covid-19 loan specifically is the non or zero interest loan offered by the microfinance bank. Other loans comes with a little interest rate but generally NIRSAL microfinance bank is a good platform to access loan.

How to Check NIRSAL Loan with BVN

How to Check NIRSAL Loan with BVN

  • Go to
  • Select the type of loan you applied SME or Household
  • Input your correct BVN in the space provided
  • Then click the validate BVN button

You will then be redirected to your dashboard but if you get a response like “BVN does not exist” it means two things.

First is either your application was not approved or the BVN you typed in is different from the one you used during registration.

Remedy to this is cross check if you have correctly type your BVN and ensuring it is the same with the one used when applying for the loan.

NIRSAL MFB Loan Form 2022 and How to Apply

There basically two types of loan you can access from NIRSAL MFB, these are house hold and Small Enterprise Business (SME), to apply take the steps below.

  • Visit the application portal
  • Choose the one you want to apply
  • Provide the information required on the application portal as it applies to you
  • Scan and upload any documents if needed
  • Go through the information you provide and then submit

Has your question been answered? If no, kindly indicate in the comment section specially what you wish to know about NIRSAL loan.

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