NPF Confirmation Slip 2022 | Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip Here

NPF Confirmation Slip 2022

NPF Confirmation Slip 2022 | Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip at following the guidelines on this page.

NPF Confirmation slip 2022/2023 is out. See how to check & print police recruitment confirmation slip via through the steps in this article.

We’ve disclose the easy steps to print Police recruitment (NPF) confirmation slip 2022 via

To enable you print NPF confirmation slip, you must have filled and submitted the online application form successfully.

Is NPF Confirmation Slip 2022/2023 Out?

The Nigeria Police Force recruitment management has notify everyone who participated in the application stage to visit and print their confirmation slip.

Have you considered what the police recruitment confirmation slip is all about? It simply a template that further verify that you’re part of the Nigerian Police Force recruitment process.

Prior to this, only those who already indicated interest in the recruitment exercise would be able to print out the confirmation slip.

Don’t also get confuse as some person might also refer the police confirmation slip to NPF affirmation slip, its one and the same thing.

Here are some of the questions we have received from applicants of this recruitment that pertains to the printing of confirmation slip.

  • How Do I Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip
  • Can I download Nigeria Police recruitment confirmation slip as pdf?
  • NP confirmation slip printing portal
  • How do I update my record on Police recruitment portal?

How Do I Print Police Recruitment Confirmation Slip?

The necessary steps that would help you print police recruitment confirmation slip 2022 is on this page, so all you have to do is follow the instructions available here.

About downloading the confirmation slip as pdf, that is up to you, in the steps below we have outline how to either check, print or download the slip.

Now let’s proceed to see how to update record on NPF portal.

How to Update Police Recruitment Record 2022

The vital tool or data required for updating your record in the Nigeria Police recruitment portal is your National Identification Number (NIN).

So, if you had submitted application earlier, then using your NIN take the steps below to update your record on police recruitment portal.

  • Visit NPF recruitment portal at
  • Navigate to the “SUBMIT NIN to proceed”
  • Input your National Identification Number (NIN) in the space given
  • Then click the verify button and wait a little
  • From the page that opens, confirm your data and then effect necessary corrections.

Now you have seen how to update your record, let’s see how to print the NPF recruitment confirmation slip 2022.

How to Print NPF Recruitment Confirmation Slip 2022.

The method we have disclose below is to enable you check, download and print out NPF recruitment confirmation slip using mobile or desktop device.

  • Go to
  • On the page that open, click “confirm status
  • Supply your NIN in the empty box and click “check status
  • Then a dialogue box would display containing for your information

Note: If you do not have your NIN handy, you could still your email address, phone number or reference number to retrieve the police recruitment confirmation slip.

Hope you have the guarantors form ready? If you don’t download the NPF guarantor form here.

If you have any challenge in the course of accessing NPF confirmation slip or you cannot print police recruitment confirm slip, kindly indicate in the comment section to enable us assist you were necessary.


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