How to Pay NSUK School Fees 2022 Online & Offline

NSUK School Fees 2021: How to Pay NSUK Fees Online

How to Pay NSUK Fees Online

Do you wish to pay NSUK school fees in 2022? But yet do you don’t know how to go about it. The steps on how to pay Nasarawa State University NSUK fees online.

The payment of fees seems challenging to some students especially the newly admitted ones and due to this one may fall prey to unforeseen circumstances.

It is better even as a prospective student of Nasarawa State University to have an idea on how to pay NSUK school fees.

This is because by the time you are fully admitted, paying your fees wouldn’t be a challenge. So if you really want to know how to pay NSUK school fees for the 2022 academic session keep to the steps on this page.

NSUK School Fees 2022

It is important to note that before talking about NSUK school fees, you must have been dully offered admission by the institution.

See how to print the NSUK admission letter here, without accepting and confirming your admission avoid making payment for school as it is not valid and non-refundable.

School fees for Nasarawa State University vary based on the programme you are running. The steps to pay NSUK fees for undergraduate, postgraduate, pre-degree, and remedial are enumerated.

How to Pay NSUK Undergraduate School Fees

Nasarawa State University’s school fees for undergraduate irrespective of the department has the same steps for payment.

NSUK school fees range from seventy thousand naira (N70,000) to one hundred and three thousand naira (103,000) depending on the department.

Note: The exact amount you have to pay will be displayed on the portal before you make payment.

The procedures for payment of Nasarawa State University undergraduate school fees are:

  • Log unto
  • Get on the undergraduate button on the menu bar
  • Type in your credentials to log in
  • Select the semester you want to make the payment for or session
  • Click the next button
  • Choose the medium you want to make payment
  • You can either make the payment online using your ATM card or proceed to the nearest bank listed there
  • Once you’re done the payment, within 3 minutes it will reflect on your student dashboard

There are times where you would encounter challenges with the network especially if you are making online payment, when experiencing this kindly pause for the transaction to load to the end.

If you still insist by clicking the pay button you might be debited more than one time.

NSUK Postgraduate School Fees Payment Procedures

Students in Nasarawa State University postgraduate schools can pay their fees following the guidelines below.

  • Using any device that is internet enabled
  • Go to the NSUK portal
  • Login to your dashboard
  • On your dashboard, click on pay fees. The amount to be paid will be displayed when you click on next.
  • Choose the means of payment that will be most appropriate for you and pay the stipulated amount.
  • Upon successful payment, print out the receipt from your dashboard and that is it.

Nasarawa State University Remedial, Pre-Degree Fees Payment

If you are in remedial or pre-degree and seek to make fees payment, what you simply need to do is follow the same procedures as that of undergraduate.

Alternatively, you can simply visit the nearest commercial bank and ask for NSUK remedial or pre-degree school fees account then make the payment.

After payment, go to the school bursary with the teller or receipt for confirmation stamping of the clearance card.

If you have followed all of these steps but yet could not still understand how to pay NSUK school fees indicate in the comment section or contact us.


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