Best Preparation Guide to Pass JAMB Examination 2022

Do you wish to know the best way on how to pass the JAMB examination 2022? If yes then we have provided here the best preparatory guide.

s an acronym for Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination, it is a nationwide Examination that qualifies candidates for Tertiary education into any higher institutions of their choice to study the desired discipline.

Over the years, Jamb for recorded technological improvements from the normal handwritten format to a Computer Based Test system (CBT).

How to Pass JAMB Examination 2022

Let’s establish the fact the Jamb is the most difficult entrance examination candidates take yearly and it also records thousands of Candidates who register for it yearly. Likewise, Jamb also records a high amount of failures. The record shows that in the just concluded Jamb Examination a total of 2500 failure rates was recorded.

Now a question comes into my mind, weren’t they able to give in their best effort in preparation for this exam? Or what could possibly lead to their failure?

In this article, I will critically consider some guidelines which if followed and applied diligently will ensure your success in subsequent Jamb examinations.

I have my own story, personally, I have written Jamb, actually, I didn’t fail but still, I identified every possibility to fail if I didn’t tackle it the way I did. I studied to the best of my ability, I checked myself  on that but getting to my designated Jamb center, I lost confidence in what I knew as they were guys flaunting around with

the links for licked questions and possible expos which you have to pay and get answers for the exams we were about to write also spreading the notion that it was a difficult one.


I didn’t pay because I had a friend amongst them who offered to link me up free, at this point I had laid down what I spent time studying in preparation for my exams, I now had my confidence fixed in these supposed licked questions which have been answered to form a microchip as its mostly called.

Getting into the exams hall after all necessary screenings had been carried out and my question and answer sheets brought to me at this point, I didn’t end care to go through my questions to see if I could attempt some because i was assured to be given readymade answers to the question so I was waiting patiently.

The exams were scheduled for 2hrs and 1hr gone I was still hoping my saviour comes, something then popped into my mind, why not take a glance at the questions at least, I then put my heads down through the questions and to my greatest surprise within 30mins I was able to complete English and Biology, I was reserving Mathematics to be my last to attempt I went on to Chemistry and before I could notice the time was left 25 minutes.

I had wasted 1hr doing nothing, and the licked answers never arrived till the exams were over. I got it from my friend who had it, went through it, and notices that 80% of the answers were incorrect.

Though I didn’t get to complete my Mathematics session when my result was out, I scored 230 being the best at that time when it was handwritten and the cut-off mark for my discipline was 180.

Causes of Failure in JAMB Examination

Now what are those factors that cause failure in Jamb Examinations

  1. Lack of confidence
  2. Fear of the Unknown
  3. Inadequate Preparation
  4. Lack of focus

Best Preparation Guide to Pass JAMB

If the above factors are strictly monitored and checked, then I will proceed to give you the guidelines to follow if you want to pass well in your Jamb examination.

Be Punctual to the Exams Centre

Despite your level of preparation for an examination, a stable mind will be able to recollect, coordinate and manage exams environments properly, try as much as possible to arrive earlier to your designated Jamb center, get comfortable with the environment than being under tension.

Pray Before you Start

I know not many might consider this option, if I have this high level of preparation for this exam, I know I can make it why then should I pray? There are lots of factors surrounding a man that could make what you think you know become strange to you, a few words of Prayer helps fight such and success too, Don’t neglect prayers irrespective of your religion.

Read Instructions carefully

Spend few minutes studying the instructions stated on your question paper to know what’s expected of you by the examiners.

Deal with Exams Fear

The mind controls our being, whatever you think will become of you directly or indirectly as a way to manifest. Fight your fears and build more confidence in every possibility that you can make it no matter how difficult.

Study Effectively

Sorry for trying to be Religious but permit me to quote the scripture that says “Study to show yourself approved “. What you are to write is a function of what you have stored in you, many do neglect this but studying pays, invest your time and hours into researching and reading relevant materials related to your area of interest.

Try Testing yourself

After intensive studies, be your own pre-examiner, set yourself some questions on what you have studied, and try to answer them. Shockingly for you, you might have some of those questions in your exams.

Stay Positive

Believe that you can, never think of the possibility of failing.

Manage your Time

On the CBT, each question has its timings, it would do you better if you can manage this time effectively by creating your own time management structure of exhausting a question before the initial time is finished. Get through all your questions within your set time and have some reserved so you could go through your work over again before the exams are over. Finally

Be focused and avoid every possible distraction which could be from those writing the same subject combinations as you get your questions completed.

In conclusion,  the above listed if applied discretely will ensure your success in your Jamb Examination,  your determination to Pass is what matters the most. Invest your time and effort in working for your success.

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