How to Retrieve UNILAG Matric Number Online

How to Retrieve UNILAG Matric Number Online

How to Retrieve UNILAG Matric Number Online, if you are a student of the University of Lagos and have mistakenly misplaced, or forgotten your matriculation number, don’t panic here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get it back.

There are several situations where students have challenges accessing the UNILAG Student Portal Login because of the matric number.

In most cases, they do not have access to the matriculation number again by either misplacement of probable negligence or not taking it a priority to keep it safe.

Have you faced this kind of situation before and have wondered if you could ever retrieve UNILAG matric number online?

Well, there is a remedy to such a situation, and it can be done with very few steps and clicks.

Can I Retrieve UNILAG Matric Number Online?

Yes! University of Lagos student matriculation number can be retrieved online with few steps, although certain information would be required of you to authenticate the ownership.

Student gets over-worried once they misplace their matriculation number and seems to even lose hope of admission.

Note: You can either retrieve your matriculation number either online or offline but here in this article the guidelines are on how to retrieve it online.

To get it offline, just proceed to the admin block on the school campus and fill the form and with 48 hours you would be called.

Now the major difference between online and offline retrieval is that online is almost immediately while offline you have to wait for a minimum of 24 hours.

Now, let’s proceed to see how to retrieve UNILAG matric no online.

How to Retrieve UNILAG Matric Number Online

This retrieval can only be done on the University of Lagos student portal which is

  • Open the link and click on retrieve matric no.
  • Supply your JAMB registration number or application no in the first box.
  • Type in your surname correctly in the second box and then your correct date of birth.
  • Now click the search button.
  • If the details you provided are correct then your matriculation number will show.

That is how to retrieve the University of Lagos student matriculation number. Ask any questions below if you have any.



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