UNILAG Balloting Site Portal 2022 and How to Login

UNILAG Balloting Site Portal 2021 and How to Login

University of Lagos Balloting Site

UNILAG Balloting Site Portal 2022 and How to Login, requirements, date and other vital information about accommodation/hostel space would be shared on this page.

What you have to do is simply read through this page carefully.

If this your first time hearing about UNILAG Balloting Portal? Or University of Lagos Balloting Site? If yes, then you must be already curious about the answer.

I am sure you must have either come across either prospective students or newly admitted students already making enquiries about UNILAG balloting portal.

Finding yourself in such situation and yet do not have the slightest idea of what is going on will really keep you off balance.

Don’t worry after reading this post, you will be able to even educate others about UNILAG balloting site.

What is UNILAG Balloting About?

Before proceeding to know the portal or site, it is pertinent to have the basic understanding of what University of Lagos balloting is about.

UNILAG balloting is a kind of equity or neutrality in the process of offering students hostel accommodation or space.

Balloting in this context is similar to lottery, it simply means students applying for hostel space the management of the institution will choose them at random.

Note: The earlier you apply for the space the better, as such immediately you’re aware the portal is open, apply.

What is UNILAG Balloting Site or Portal?

Now that you have a basic understanding of UNILAG balloting the next is knowing the portal or site and how to apply.

Know that site or portal means the same thing. So, www.unilag.edu.ng/balloting is the gateway to access UNILAG balloting site.

How to Access University of Lagos Balloting Portal

You need a good internet connection, an easy to operate device like mobile or system but I recommend system.

  • Visit the University of Lagos accommodation balloting site
  • Log unto the portal
  • Then on the dashboard, navigate to where you have accommodation
  • Select it and the space you want
  • Fill the required information and then confirm

Once you are done with that, proceed to download the acknowledgment slip. Other requirements regarding this will be stated on the slip.


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