How to Get UNILAG Student Transcript Copy

How to Get UNILAG Student Transcript Copy

Getting UNILAG Student transcript copy is quite easy following the right steps, explore how to apply for Student Copy in UNILAG here.

Have you tried getting a University of Lagos student transcript copy but yet faced several challenges that discouraged you through the process.

Well, whatever the challenge might have been, I want to believe probably you had missed out in following the actual steps.

This is why we have come up with this article in other to help students like you who have had challenges getting UNILAG copy over the situation.

Just keep reading and endeavor to follow the steps disclose here.

Before getting to the steps, I want to establish some basic facts like what UNILAG student Transcript Copy is about, what is the content and why you need it.

Overview of UNILAG Student Transcript Copy

Transcript generally serves as a testimonial, reference and evidence that you have been a student of a particular institution.

In most cases it is required when a student decides to pursue a higher qualification in another institution either within the country or abroad.

Here, the admitting institution will require a transcript from the former institution before such student or candidate could be offered provisional admission.

In other words, those that really need the transcript basically are those seeking admission into other institution.

For instance Mr. A studied Linguistics in UNILAG (first degree) but decides to do a master’s programme in UNILORIN (MSc), UNILORIN will require a transcript from UNILAG.

That is when the UNILAG student transcript copy comes to play. Normally, the transcript is always two, one for the student another for the institution.

Content of UNILAG Student Transcript Copy

The information contain in a transcript is not the same for all students but there are similar features in all of them.

Why this is also shared is to enable you identify transcript copy whether that of student of the institution once you see one.

Things the University of Lagos student transcript copy contains includes but not limited to the following:

  • The logo of the institution sending the transcript
  • Information of the student like name, course of study and department
  • Appended signature by the registrar of the host institution
  • A brief write up attesting your studentship with the institution

Information Required When Applying for University of Lagos Student Transcript Copy

Applying for your copy is easy, here are the few information needed; your matriculation number and date of birth, three names starting from surname, your correct email address and phone number etc.

There is no other information required, just ensure you provided the mention data correctly.

How to Apply for UNILAG Student Transcript Copy

Before talking about applying, you need to know the application link and that is

Now, here are the steps.

  • Go to the stated link using a browser with good internet connection
  • Fill out the required data
  • Select the programme and click proceed
  • After you click proceed, just follow the simple instruction given on each page as you progress until you have successfully submitted.

Note: Once you application is approved, the file will be sent to your email which means you must endeavor to provide a correct and working email address.

So, that is how to apply and get the University of Lagos (UNILAG) student transcript copy.


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