Why JAMB before Studying in Tertiary Institution

Have you ever wondered or thought Why JAMB before Studying in Tertiary Institution or why do you even need a tertiary education?

This article was birth to provide solutions to those asking the questions why JAMB before studying in Tertiary Institution further more to reasons why you even need tertiary education.

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Why JAMB before Studying in Tertiary Institution

A lot of people tend have different mindsets and philosophies concern a particular subject matter, some may say black is black because it was created so others may say Black is black because something caused a change to it.

The reasons why one chooses to go further through Tertiary education is dependent on one’s personal reasons. And the reason why some still choose to stop at the secondary level is still best known to one’s self.

A lot will go further to site top men who are doing very well in society but never made it to the Tertiary level yet their impact and innovations are inevitably used everywhere to solve different societal and personal issues and challenges,  how then did they get to that level if the didn’t attain tertiary institutions? Some of them actually dropped out for one reason or another, among which is the famous Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg which we all know of and are widely using their innovations.

Many may look into these and ask themselves if these men are doing well without Tertiary education why then do i waste time, money and resources going for Tertiary education instead of locating what am good at and establishing myself in it?

In this article, we will take a look at interesting facts why one needs to consider further studies in the tertiary institution and what he stands to benefit from in the nearest future.

The Tertiary institution environment serves as an awareness atmosphere where education goes beyond on class tutoring to the people you meet and relate with, the experiences gained, and how to deal with people.

Why Study in a Tertiary Institution

Amongst the numerous reasons why you should study in Tertiary Institution, below are the fundamental reasons.

To build a Healthier Self-Esteem

Many people go through the Tertiary institution not mostly for the degree or certificate but to build their prestige and moral standard in the society, the way they present themselves, and the way they relate with people and manage situations around them.

To Boost your Status in the Society

Our natural society lately pays respect to knowledge and this knowledge is obtained in Tertiary education. Exercising rights and authority based on what you know and standing in defense of it anywhere at any time confidently.

Learning from the mistakes and experiences of other people

Exposure to the Tertiary environment makes one embrace experiences from others, their mistakes and how they tackled them. It aids in effective decision-making and strategy.

Acquiring Academic Certificates

This is one major reason most people attend Tertiary institutions, you will find a successful man who eventually chooses to go through the Tertiary institution despite his achievements just to have a degree or certificate.  This also adds respect to a man.

Deeper knowledge in your field

It’s not enough to know how to manufacture products but there are more into that area of production you can’t easily acquire except with the help of Tertiary education.  There is more Chemistry to know just how to make paints and more physics to just knowing how to make a solar panel, all these are made possible through Tertiary education.

Whether you choose to be a job creator in your area of discipline or you want to go into the labour market, Tertiary education gives you an edge over a mere roadside trainee, it expenses you to lots of experience, projection potentials and ability to relate and manage situations.

Doubtlessly Education remains the key, every stage of it should be attended to diligently to ensure a brighter and impactful future.

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